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Payment methods

ATM: Payments by ATM Reference can be made through Homebanking or the ATM Network. At the end of your order, the ATM reference will be generated and sent to your email and customer area on the website. To make the payment you must select the option "Payments for Services/Purchases" and enter the entity, reference and corresponding amount that were sent.

Bank Transfer: You must first make the order and select this payment method, you will be presented with the NIB for the transfer, which you must take note of to make the transfer or deposit later.

Before making the transfer you must wait for a confirmation email from us.

We will proceed to send the order as soon as the payment is verified, remembering that some banks may take 1 to 2 days to finish the transfer.

The limit established for this mode of payment is 5,000 euros (per order), in case of orders of higher value you should contact our "Customer Service" ( to inform you how to proceed.

Cash on delivery: In this modality the total amount of the order must not exceed 300 euros (VAT incl.). You must pay the order directly in cash to the courier at the time of delivery. This payment method is not valid for equipment (Smartphones, cell phones, tablets, laptops, among others).

We will send your order within 24 to 48 hours after the order is placed, as long as all the items ordered are available in stock.

This method of payment will have as an added fee 2% on the total value of your purchase, the value will be calculated and presented to the customer at the time of completion of the order or choosing the option to "calculate postage" in the shopping cart section of our site.

Alrossio 2 - Telecommunications, Ltd. reserves the right to retain full ownership of the item until full payment, including possible errors of the seller or carrier.

MbWay: Pay your order through your mobile number with mbway, without additional costs. You must have the active application on your device in order to pay by this way. For more information about this payment method, click here.

Paypal: is a fast and secure service that allows you to make payments online, if you want to know more about PayPal click here.

We will send orders paid via PayPal within 24-48 hours after ordering, as long as all items you have purchased are available in stock. This service has an increase of 3% on the total amount of your purchase.

Payshop: To pay the order by Payshop, you must go to one of the Payshop agents (Agents), indicate the reference you obtained with the order and make the respective payment.

Credit Card or Debit Card: Visa and Master Card
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